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Google to track users... like never before!

Google to track users... like never before!

'In a move that has triggered outrage, Google has announced plans to bring all data collected from users’ separate accounts on its sites into a combined profile. Besides raising dubious questions about privacy, this offer is one you… cannot refuse.

The changes will take effect on March 1. Before that date, Google will notify its hundreds of millions of users about the new rules of the game. In preparation, the company is boosting its privacy policy and terms of service. Users will have to decide whether to agree with the new terms – or lose access to some of their favorite sites. There is no way of opting out of the changes.

Some say Google’s privacy announcement is frustrating and a little frightening.”Even if the company believes that tracking users across all platforms improves their services, consumers should still have the option to opt out,” said Common Sense Media chief executive James Steyer, as cited by the Washington Post.’

US Supreme Court Could Soon Allow Police To Monitor the Movements of Smartphone Users Without a Warrant

'Smartphones are great. They do a bunch of stuff like browsing the web, managing bank accounts and throwing angry birds at things. They can also do another thing that is not so cool: Constantly monitor your movements at any given time. Sure, location services can still be turned off on smartphones but most people don’t bother because, for one, they want to be able to find their expensive phone if they ever lose it.

Lawmakers are currently taking advantage of these powerful devices along with a general “relaxed” attitude towards privacy by creating extremely intrusive laws. The US Supreme Court could soon allow police to monitor the movements of US mobile phone users without a warrant. Some might say “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”. Yes…that’s what they said when dictatorial police states where instated in the 20th century. What these people also forget is that those kinds of laws go against the 4th Amendment. But the US Constitution does not seem to get the respect it deserves these days…

Here’s a BBC article about smartphones and laws permitting monitoring.’