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Apr 9

[140] Media Revolution, Monsanto Lovefest, Collateral Murder: Eyewitness Account (by breakingtheset)

'EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Peter Phillips, former director of Project Censored, about the national media reform conference and the need to create a media movement from the grassroots level. Abby then highlights Diana Reeves, founder of GMO Free USA, for her activism against the deceitful tactics of big agro-business, and calls out US Senator Roy Blunt, for his long list of shady dealings, exposing his latest attempt to undermine the democratic process by trying to anonymously push the Monsanto Protection Act through a senate budget bill. BTS wraps up the show, with in interview with RT Correspondent Meghan Lopez, discussing her interview with Veteran Ethan McCord, an eyewitness to the killing spree captured in the now infamous 'collateral murder video'.'

Project Cloverleaf – Chemtrails And Their Purpose

'Project Cloverleaf — The Science Behind it

It involves the combination of chemtrails for creating an atmosphere that will support electromagnetic waves, ground-based, electromagnetic field oscillators called gyrotrons, and ionospheric heaters.

Particulates make directed energy weapons work better. It has to do with “steady state” and particle density for plasma beam propagation. They spray barium powders and let it photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun. Then, they make an aluminum-plasma generated by “zapping” the metal cations that are in the spray with either electromagnetics from HAARP, the gyrotron system on the ground [Ground Wave Emergency Network], or space-based lasers. The barium makes the aluminum-plasma more particulate dense. This means they can make a denser plasma than they normally could from just ionizing the atmosphere or the air.

More density [more particles] means that these particles which are colliding into each other will become more charged because there are more of them present to collide. What are they ultimately trying to do up there — is create charged-particle, plasma beam weapons.

Chemtrails are the medium – GWEN pulse radars, the various HAARPs, and space-based lasers are the method, or more simply: Chemtrails are the medium — directed energy is the method. Spray and Zap.

This system appears to be in Russia, Canada, the United States, and all of Europe. Exotic weapons can be mobile, stationary, land-based, aerial, or satellite. It is an offensive and defensive system against EM attacks and missiles.

It uses ionospheric particle shells as defense mechanisms [like a bug-zapper shell]* against missiles and EM attacks. That means they spray and then pump up the spray with electromagnetics. When these shells are created using the oscillating, electromagnetic, gyrotron stations, it “excludes” and displaces the background magnetic field. These shells can be layered one above another in a canopy fashion for extra protection from missiles.

The chemtrail sprays have various elements in them like carbon which can used to absorb microwaves. Some of these sprays have metal flakes in them that make aerial craft invisible to radar. Spoofer sprays. Sprays like these can be used to create colorful, magnetized plasmas to cloak fighter jets. There are satellite weapons involved. Activists are using meters and are getting readings of microwaves, x-rays, and some other kind of emission that they are not sure of, maybe a low-intensity laser.

They are also photographing gas plasma generation due to the heating of chemtrails by electromagnetics. The technical names for vertical and horizontal plasma columns are columnar focal lenses and horizontal drift plasma antennas. Various size of gas plasma orbs are associated with this technology. These orbs can be used as transmitters and receivers because they have great, refractory and optical properties.

They also are capable of transmitting digital or analog sound. Barium, in fact, is very refractive — more refractive than glass. What does that mean? Our country has a history of experimenting on its citizens. We are talking about satellite charged-particle frequency weapons attacking a person 24 hours a day. Psychotronic weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction by the U.N.

HAARPs can create earthquakes and can also x-ray the earth to find underground military bases, gold, or oil reserves. These ionospheric heaters can also operate as an over-the-horizon or under-the-ocean communications system. This system can control the weather or create disasters.

Taken together with the aurora keyhole through-your-roof satellite surveillance system, Echelon electronic computer/phone sweeps, plasma-cloaked DOD Drug War helicopters and stealths, implants, and cameras on the street, it constitutes one, big global and space control grid. These weapons involve beams. Two beams overlapped will couple into a particle-ion beam that will bounce off of a remote target and send a holographic image back to the satellite for remote spying operations.

When you cross two strong beams, you can supposedly* create scalar energies.

These energies can be used as untraceable weapons for nuclear size explosions or for defense. These crossed-energies can be used to cause a person’s physical electrical system to fail or with a lower frequency, administer a kind of remote electro-shock. Visualize touching a positive and negative electric cable to each other on top of your head. Scalar energies can be utilized in hand-held military guns and on tanks. They can dud-out electronics or cause large, electrical blackouts. Scalar energies are practically impossible to shield against. You need lead, ceramics, and a deep underground facility to not be affected by these weapons. Or, you need to be up and above the field of battle.’


Aug 5

The Stargate Project : Psychic Warriors and the CIA


‘Metaphysical and psychic phenomena have long existed on the fringes of conventional science and academia. ESP, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis and Astral traveling have all been relegated to the back seat of mainstream, accepted belief systems in spite of an extensive mention of these practices down the ages, across myriad cultures. It has always been challenging for practitioners of the science to be validated by the prevailing status quo.

That however changed in 1995 when the CIA declassified a top secret program that had been training individuals in the esoteric science of ‘Remote Viewing’ in which, it was claimed, people were able to envision ongoing activities in distant places and future events.’

UN Still Pushing Unsubstantiated Claims Against Iran's Parchin Base

'The completely discredited International Atomic Energy Agency continues to push unsubstantiated claims that a bus sized container at Iran’s Parchin military base is somehow proof that they’re developing nuclear weapons, and that UN Inspectors should get free reign to access the site, which they’ve already visited in the past and found nothing.

The report circulating from Reuters today has more of the same baseless rhetoric, citing the speculation of biased politicians and the latest IAEA report, which was based almost solely on propaganda from Israel, a nuclear state that has not even signed up to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, and contrived Western intelligence.

Western diplomats say they suspect Iran may be cleaning the location to remove incriminating evidence before inspectors can go there. A U.S. security institute said last week satellite imagery showed activity there which it said raised concern that Iran may be “washing” the building the IAEA wants to see.

Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA has previously dismissed such suspicions about Parchin as “childish” and “ridiculous”.

Herman Nackaerts, IAEA deputy director general, said Iran must give his inspectors access to sites, information and people as he began the two-day meeting with Iranian officials on the country’s disputed atomic activities.

The talks in Vienna will test Iran’s readiness to address U.N. inspectors’ suspicions of military dimensions to its nuclear programme, ahead of high-stakes talks on the programme in Baghdad next week between Iran and six world powers.

Two previous rounds of talks in Tehran this year with U.N. inspectors failed to make any notable progress, especially on their request to go to Parchin.

Our previous articles and radio broadcasts debunk the Iran nuclear threat as a clear attempt to expand the Anglo-American-Israeli empire; the real threat to global peace:

Iran Told it Must Open Military Base to Inspection; Why All Weapon Claims Are Baseless

Rense & Charles Smith - Mysterious, Frightening Sounds Worldwide (by JRense)

'Many have heard about the rumored Elite plans for an 'ET invasion'…a fake to stampede the sheep into the arms of the illuminati New World Order trap.

On the other hand, maybe it really IS ET. Or, perhaps the Earth is tired of this ‘sentient’ species destroying it and is growling…and groaning…and warning that we’ve gone too far.’

Oct 5

Top 10 Most Censored Stories of 2011

#10 Statistical Games with the Unemployment Rate. At Information Clearing House, Greg Hunter showed that instead of 9%, the real unemployment rate is over 22%.

#9 Chemtrails. Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails, July 10, 2010.

#8 The Truth on Nuclear Power. The Union of Concerned Scientists published a report describing 14 near-miss nuclear accidents in 2010 in the US. (One is Fort Calhoun, which I covered here and here.) Other nuclear pieces mentioned in this category include Jeff Goodell’s “America’s Nuclear Nightmare” at Rolling Stone.

#7 U.S. Army and psychology’s largest experiment – ever. Horrified by war? Be positive! A series of APA articles describing and promoting a program of “psychological resilience” is confronted by Roy Eidelson, Marc Pilisuk and Stephen Soldz at Truthout.

#6 Google Spies for CIA, US Military. In January 2010, Eric Sommer wrote “Google’s Deep CIA Connections” for

#5 Prison Companies Fund Anti-Immigrant Legislation. Exposed in depth by Peter Cervantes-Gautschi at AlterNet, Wall Street is profiting from immigrant lock-ups.

#4 Wall Street Engineers Food Crisis. On March 24, 2011, David Moberg wrote “Diet Hard: With a Vengeance” for In These Times showing that speculating on food commodities, along with income inequality, cause hunger – not lack of production.

#3 Obama’s Extrajudicial Hit List. State sanctioned assassinations outside the scope of law is somehow okay by this dictator. This is an under-reported story later covered by Glenn Greenwald atSalon and William Fisher at IPS. Originally titled “Death by Drone: ‘CIA’s hitlist is murder’,” IPS later changed it to “Death by Remote: But Is It Legal?”

#2 Army of Fake Personas to Promote Propaganda. Two sites broke the story on Feb. 22, 2011: Darlene Storm at Computer World and Stephen Webster at Raw Story. In March, Guardian writers Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain covered it.

#1 US Soldier Suicides Exceed Combat Deaths in 2010. Cord Jefferson broke the story on Jan. 27, 2011 at Iceland’s Good Magazine.

Oct 1

Chemtrail article in Project Censored’s Top 10 most censored stories

'For the past 35 years, Project Censored has published an annual collection of the top 25 censored news stories. In the 2012 book edition, just released this September, my article, Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails, ranks as the 9th most censored story in the United States.

Originally published at the Centre for Research on Globalization in July 2010, an updated version at COTO Report has seen over 13,000 page views as of this writing. The article is widely posted across the world in several English and non-English speaking countries, giving it far broader readership than we’ll ever know, but likely over a million.’