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Syrian War - The Prequel: 2007 New Yorker Article Exposed US-Israeli-Saudi Conspiracy to Overthrow Assad

'As previously stated, the Muslim Brotherhood and various “hardline” Sunni political factions sweeping into power in the wake of the US-engineered “Arab Spring,” have been feigning anti-Israeli and anti-Western sentiments in an attempt to swell their ranks with followers before ultimately forming a united Sunni-front against Iran.

The creation of a united Sunni-front was noted by geopolitical analyst Dr. Webster Tarpley who has from the beginning stated that the various possible governments resulting from these engineered revolutions “could then be used to support the fundamental US-UK strategy for the Middle East, which is to assemble a block of Arab and Sunni countries (notably Egypt, Saudis, Gulf states, and Jordan) which, formed into a front with the participation of Israel, would collide with the Iranian Shiite front, including Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and various radical forces.”’

May 4

Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America

'A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.

The document, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF) was originally released on a restricted basis to the DoD in February 2010, but has now been made public.

The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States.’

Rothschild's Plan for America

'America is dying, inflicted with a fatal, terminal disease. Few understand this. Most citizens are in denial. The glories of yesteryear—the halcyon days of Washington, Jefferson, Audie Murphy, and John Wayne—will return, the die-hard optimists say—”Just you wait and see.”

But these bright-eyed people are wrong. No dreaded disease can be conquered by the misguided patient who fails to realize he is sick and dying. Knowledge leads to victory, and in America today, the people perish for lack of knowledge.’

Britain pushes for mass surveillance society (by RTAmerica)

'Soon youcan be watched everywhere you go in the UK. All your emails, texts and phonecalls will be monitored and you can even be seen where cameras can't. Thiscould all be possible with a new anti-terrorism spy plan. Security companies will have real time access to all your personal happenings at the click of abutton. Here is our report.'

Mar 7

Leaked Email: Pentagon Admits Plan To Direct Terror Attacks Inside Syria

'A shocking email leaked as part of the Wikileaks Stratfor data dump reveals that the Pentagon is planning to direct terror attacks and assassinations inside Syria in a bid to topple President President Bashar al-Assad.

Leaked Email: Pentagon Admits Plan To Direct Terror Attacks Inside Syria

The email, written by Reva Bhalla, Stratfor’s Director of Analysis, contains details of a December 6 Pentagon meeting attended by members of the USAF strategic studies group along with four military officers at the Lieutenant Colonel level, “including one French and one British representative.”

Bhalla was told by the military officials that, despite official claims to the contrary, foreign troops from NATO powers were already on the ground in Syria.

“After a couple hours of talking, they said without saying that SOF teams (presumably from US, UK, France, Jordan, Turkey) are already on the ground focused on recce [reconnaissance] missions and training opposition forces,” states the email.

Bhalla goes on to describe how the mission of the undercover commandoes is hypothetically to “commit guerrilla attacks, assassination campaigns, try to break the back of the Alawite forces [Assad’s support base], elicit collapse from within.”

In other words, the Pentagon, along with other NATO powers, have already directed Special Forces troops stationed inside Syria to carry out terrorist attacks and assassinations in an effort to topple President President Bashar al-Assad.’

Twitter Boycott Planned To Protest Twitter's Censorship Plan

'Twitterers have a message: Tomorrow, turn off the tweets.

Users of the social media site are planning a Twitter boycott to protest the company’s new ability to censor tweets on a country-by-country basis.

Twitter announced Thursday that it can now block tweets, as well as individual accounts, from appearing to users in specific countries, and that it may use the feature tocomply with governments’ request to censor information. Before, Twitter could only block tweets and accounts globally.

Some users are calling on fellow Twitterers to silence their tweets on January 28 as a way of expressing their opposition to Twitter’s plan. They are using the hashtag#TwitterBlackoutto organize the boycott, and tweets tagged with the hashtag are rolling in at a clip of about 12 per minute. The tweets span a range of languages, including English, German, Spanish and Arabic.’


War With Iran = Suicide (Mike at his BEST) (by ravenise00)

'Wars are always started with lies and they are lying to you again and you have got to call all of your friends and relatives and say look, what they are telling you about Iran is the exact same thing they said about Iraq. And if you don't stand up, you're going to see a lot of your friends and neighbors kids die for the benefit of a foreign government. If we do not choose to fight against these oppressors now we will soon have no choice but to fight for them from now on.

When the project for the new American century was putting out its policy documents about the new American militant super power, they were literally talking about a century of warfare. They were talking about starting a war that would not be over in our own life times. This thing has gotten completely out of hand and its going to end badly because the United States is going to be destroyed. They can’t win a conventional world war and it is insanity. It is suidical for them to be continuing on this course. The only reason they are doing so is Israel pays them a lot of money and blackmails the rest.

If you were on an ocean liner and you saw the captain driving it towards an iceburg would you not grab the wheel and give it a spint to try and save the ship and everybody on it? Well we’re on the ship of state right now. Barak Obama is going to get up in the congress and hes going to plot the couse the ship is on, and its headed into disaster. And if the captain isn’t smart enough or responsible enough to avert that disaster, to turn the wheel and avoid tragety… then somebody has to take the wheel from him or we’re all going to die.

If the US invades Iran and Russia and China come in on the other side this is going to escelate until this goes nuclear and then we’re talking an extinction level event and i know it sounds kind of fantastic… well over the last 18 years I’ve made a lot of prognostications, and i’ve made a few mistakes but over all I’ve got a good batting average for knowing what the money junkies are thinking and just how far they’re willing to go and I’m telling you right now that the people who are calling the shots here would gladly see 200 million Americans die as long as it garunteed the surviving 100 million would be their ovedient slaves for all time to come. Thats exactly where we are.

Michael Rivero of
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US Military Refuses To Drive Bilderberg Israeli Bus Off Cliff Into WW III

'I deal in reality. If you want to hear fantasies about Iran’s nuclear weapons program that does not exist, you will have to go to a news outlet that either takes money from the Federal Reserve or is owned by Zionists and arms manufacturers. There is no evidence that Iran has an active program to make nuclear weapons. The Iranians are at 20% enrichment which is enough to make medical isotopes. They need to get to over 90% to make a bomb.

Yet we have heard nothing but war talk against Iran ever since the invasion of Iraq. We spent a trillion dollars and lots of lives fighting in Iraq over WMDs we knew never existed even before we invaded. We spent over a trillion dollars fighting in Afghanistan because the Taliban refused to turn over Osama bin Laden without evidence that he was responsible for 911. The US refused to produce any evidence of Osama’s crimes because there was none. But there is overwhelming evidence that Israel did 911 which I will demonstrate in my next essay.’

Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar

'According to more than a few observers, Gadhafi’s plan to quit selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars — demanding payment instead in gold-backed “dinars” (a single African currency made from gold) — was the real cause. The regime, sitting on massive amounts of gold, estimated at close to 150 tons, was also pushing other African and Middle Eastern governments to follow suit.

And it literally had the potential to bring down the dollar and the world monetary system by extension, according to analysts. French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly went so far as to call Libya a “threat” to the financial security of the world. The “Insiders” were apparently panicking over Gadhafi’s plan.’

Nov 3

'They will want nukes now!': UK & US plan to strike Iran exposed (by RussiaToday)

'British officials are reportedly working on a plan to assist U.S. forces in a pre-emptive attack on Iranian military facilities. It follows claims Washington is moving towards a policy of intervention out of fear that Tehran is developing a nuclear weapons program - something Iran has always denied. And political analyst Chris Bambery believes it's the prospect of economic ruin that's motivating the old elite into action…'

Oct 5

George Osbourne’s Credit Plan Will “Ease” Britain In To Destruction

Bullingdon Club boys Osbourne & Cameron, representing the top 1%.

'Chancellor George Osbourne continues to demonstrate his completely ignorant understanding of the economy (or some may say complicity in destroying it) by today announcing a new “multibillion-pound credit-easing plan”, which will really ease Britain in to further debt to the private bankers.

As reported by The Guardian:
The credit will be provided by the Treasury through an arm’s-length operation direct to companies, with the Bank of England acting as the Treasury’s agent. Under the scheme, the Treasury will buy small firms’ corporate bonds, providing cash direct to struggling firms unable to gain funds from the banks.

Lets attempt to cut out the confusion. The Government plans to invest in small businesses because the Banks we bailed out are still refusing to make loans. So where does the Government go to get the money to invest in these businesses?

Well…it has to borrow it at interest. It does this by issuing Government Bonds through the Treasury, which financial institutions, private investors and offshore banks purchase.

How does the Government pay this back? By cutting public services and/or raising taxes.

So in order to get the economy moving again, the Government’s answer is to borrow more money and increase the national debt that currently sits at £4.8 trillion.

The Guardian continues:
Officials insisted the move did not represent a state bank or the start of the government picking winners.

This statement is flawed on many levels and sits within the paradigm that Britain operates under free-market capitalism. This isn’t true at all. Britain operates under crony-capitalism with banker welfare. When the gambling Banks in the city failed, a true free-market would have let them dissolve. Instead the Government wrote them a welfare check (bailed them out) which the people then have to pay for.

Officials are insisting that this new move isn’t socialist and isn’t picking the winners over the free market. But the process of bailing out the banks was exactly that. Picking banks that were too big to fail and giving them a welfare check, just like the teenage mums everyone gets angry about, but to the tune of £850bn rather than barely enough to pay for food.

Like Orwell’s concept of doublethink, officials are reversing the meaning of phrases. What would actually help the country recover right now would be a state bank, one that issued it’s own debt-free currency and invested it in public projects and services that benefit the people. It’s the private banking system and it’s monopoly over issuing currency that forced the Government and therefore the people in to debt. And Osbourne’s answer is to go further in to debt to the same system, in hope that a few small companies can somehow drag us out from beneath it.

The national debt is not the people’s, because the people didn’t illegally invade foreign countries, the people didn’t vote on the EU and the people didn’t crash the economy. The debt was created by our corrupt Governments and has given the Bankers total control over our future because all mainstream political parties vow to pay it back by making us do the paying.

On October 15th disgruntled British citizens will be taking those grievances to the City of London and Stock Exchange. It’s time to null and void the national debt, it’s time arrest the Bankers that knowingly collapsed the economy, it’s time to get our Bailout money back, and it’s time to demand the Government represent the 99%!’

This is How They Plan to KILL You!