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33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

'What follows are some of these most shocking modern conspiracy theories that turned out true after thorough investigation by our society. Some through congressional hearings, others through investigative journalism. Many of these, however, were just admitted to by those involved. These are just 33 of them, and I still had a long list of others to add. There are a total of 33 in this article. Many of these are listed with original and credible news clips on the matter, as well as documentaries.'


Nurse makes heartfelt apology after Atos forced her to trick disabled people out of benefits

Joyce has not worked since the stress of her job at Atos'Joyce has not worked since the stress of her job at Atos'

'A NURSE has revealed how her own life was ruined after under-fire benefits firm Atos forced her to “trick” disabled people out of cash.

Joyce Drummond’s medical training meant she knew claimants were unfit to work.

But she was told to mark people as fit if they could write or show up for an interview properly dressed. Eventually, Joyce was carpeted by bosses for being “too nice” to claimants.

After five months, she was signed off with stress caused by “having to trick sick people out of their benefit”. She quit in July 2009 and hasn’t worked since.

Joyce said candidates were marked down if they:

*looked well-presented, with neat hair and make-up.

*turned up with a toddler.

*could sign the application form.

Public fury is growing against Atos, who have assessed thousands of people with terminal illnesses as fit for work.

And thousands with genuine chronic conditions have been dragged over the coals repeatedly by their inquisitors.

Mum-of-one Joyce, from Mosspark, Glasgow, said Atos decision makers paid no attention to her professional clinical opinion and were only interested in cutting down the number of claimants.’


Sep 4

Eyewitnesses Reveal Daraya Massacre Carried Out By U.S.-Backed Rebels

'In an extraordinary account of the Daraya massacre by veteran journalist Robert Fisk, eyewitnesses reveal that it was U.S.-backed FSA rebels and not the Syrian Army who were responsible for the slaughter of 245 men, women and children.

Eyewitnesses Reveal Daraya Massacre Carried Out By U.S. Backed Rebels headline16

The massacre, which took place last weekend, was instantly blamed on President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces by the global media despite video footage from the scene showing victims welcoming the presence of Syrian Army troops and blaming the violence on armed rebels.

Those eyewitness accounts have now been verified thanks to the courageous journalism of veteran reporter Robert Fisk, who is risking his life in his role as one of the few impartial media observers inside Syria.’


Monsanto taking over global agriculture (by RTAmerica)

'Monsanto has been on a mission to control US agriculture. With the help of politicians and regulation agencies, the biotechnology company has been putting many farmers out of business. Many critics of the company believe it is the right of the people to know if they are consuming genetically-modified food. Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, joins us with more on the Monsanto.'

HRW: Syrian ‘Protesters’ Carrying Out Torture, Executions

'A report by the independent Human Rights Watch organization confirms that Syrian opposition forces, euphemistically described as “protesters” by the mainstream media, are carrying out kidnappings, executions and torture against Syrians deemed loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad.

HRW: Syrian Protesters Carrying Out Torture, Executions suriye suikast

The findings confirm the fact that Syria is in the throes of a civil war, with both sides responsible for indiscriminate violence, a fact that the establishment media has done everything in its power to hide in the effort to portray Assad’s actions as genocide.’

West Pushes UN To Force Assad Out Of Syria; When It’s West Causing The Violence

'The Western establishment are pushing through a resolution in the UN that will give Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, 15 days to step down before tougher measures are taken.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague and French ministers are attending a meeting in New York, to make it clear that the Globalists will not allow the Middle-Eastern people to determine their own future.

Meanwhile Russia understandably remain skeptical, preferring to “study the recommendations and conclusions of the observer mission in detail” before carelessly voting for any intervention that could put their own nation at risk.

The ever increasing influence the West has over the region is creating a coldwarbulldozer right on their border. Although the plight of some Syrian citizens against the Assad regime shouldn’t be ignored, it’s also well established that the Western empire and Israel have had Syria on their list of countries to invade since 2001.’

Killer flu creators lash out at US ‘censorship’

Flu viral cell, computer generated image

'To censor or not to censor is not the question, when it comes to publishing the details of what could be the deadliest flu virus known to man. What is a matter of debate is who the censor should be – and many oppose America’s monopoly in the field.

Experts from various research fields the world over have voiced their opinions on the publication on the development of a particularly deadly strain of the H5N1 avian flu virus by a team of researchers led by Ron Fouchier at the University of Erasmus in Rotterdam. What makes this version of the infamous virus particularly dangerous to humans is the fact that it is both extremely fatal – with a 50% mortality rate, and highly contagious – unlike the naturally-occurring avian flu.

Fouchier initially wanted to publish his research so as to prepare humanity for a potential outbreak of the artificially-made virus, but the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) got involved and asked him to withhold some important details from publication. The US agency expressed concern that information on how to make the virus could end up in the wrong hands, and could be used to develop a biological weapon. Fouchier agreed to remove key details from the methods and results sections of his paper, but questioned whether the US should have a monopoly on censoring the works of research scientists worldwide.

His view, and that of fellow virologist AB Osterhaus, were published in Nature Magazine.

We are not questioning the unprecedented recommendations last month from the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) to remove key details from the methods and results sections of published papers, including our own, submitted to Science. But we do question whether it is appropriate to have one country dominate a discussion that has an impact on scientists and public-health officials worldwide. This discussion should include the perspective of people in regions where H5N1 has infected humans,”’

The Esoteric Meaning of Florence + the Machine’s “Shake it Out” and “No Light No Light”

'Florence + the Machine obtained commercial and critical success by releasing music with a distinct sound and feel. Although her works are often covered by mass media, one aspect of her act is rarely mentioned: the esoteric symbolism of her songs and videos. We will look at the meaning of the videos “Shake it Out” and “No Light No Light”, two enigmatic videos from the album Ceremonials.

Florence + the Machine is different from most of the singers mentioned on the Vigilant Citizen for several reasons. First, there is obvious talent and artistry involved in her works, making them more profound than most pop songs out there. Second, there is a definite occult influence in her music but it is not hidden or concealed, but rather all out in the open. In an interview with Nylon magazine, Florence stated:

“I wanted to be a witch when I was a kid. I was obsessed with witchcraft. At school, me and my two friends had these spell books; I always wanted a more magical reality. I had a little shrine at home and I did a spell to try and make the boy in the other class fall in love with me.”

Despite this known fact, I never found any review or analysis of Florence + the Machine’s work from an occult point of view, a field Florence Welch is obviously well versed in. The videos of her first album Lungs had some occult concepts infused into them. For example, her hit Dog Days are Over alludes to the dog star Sirius, an all-important celestial body in esoteric teachings (for more information, read the article entitled The Mysterious Connection Between Sirius and Human History). An article on Pseudo-Occult media described some of the occult and MK aspects of the videos from her first album – centered around the imagery of white rabbits, bird cages, Alice in Wonderland and so forth – so I won’t dwell on those. Her second album, Ceremonials, is slightly darker and more focused on profound esoteric concepts that deserve some analyzing.

The videos of Shake it Out and No Light No Light both contain enigmatic imagery (see the confused comments on YouTube) that relate to ancient occult concepts. Analyzed from an esoteric point of view, both videos can indeed by seen as “ceremonies” where symbols and colors describe a story of profound transformation. The imagery of Shake it Out tell the story of an initiation ritual in a strange secret society while No Light No Light describes a profound spiritual change in the context of duality. We’ll look at the esoteric meaning of both videos.’

Historian: The “Curse of Tutankhamun” Was Ritual Murders Carried Out by Aleister Crowley

Crowley in the “Osiris pose”

'Aleister Crowley is often mentioned on this site as his occult works appear to be highly influential in today’s mass media. This week, a rather interesting yet troubling piece of news surfaced regarding Crowley: a historian believes that deaths attributed to the “Curse of Tutankhamun” were in fact ritual killings carried out by him. Here’s an article from The Telegraph regarding the historian Mark Beynon findings.

Curse of Tutankhamun may have been work of Satanist killer

Six mysterious London deaths famously attributed to the ‘Curse of Tutankhamun’ were actually murders by notorious Satanist Aleister Crowley, a historian claims in a new book.

Incredible parallels between Crowley and Jack the Ripper have also been discovered during research by historian Mark Beynon.

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, London was gripped by the mythical curse of Tutankhamun, the Egyptian boy-king, whose tomb was uncovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter.

More than 20 people linked to the opening of the pharaoh’s burial chamber in Luxor in 1923 bizarrely died over the following years – six of them in the capital.

Victims included Carter’s personal secretary Captain Richard Bethell, who was found dead in his bed from suspected smothering at an exclusive Mayfair club.

Bethell’s father Lord Westbury then plunged seven floors to his death from his St James’s apartment, where he reportedly kept tomb artefacts gifted by his son.

And Aubrey Herbert, half-brother of Carter’s financial backer Lord Carnarvon, also died suspiciously in a Park Lane hospital shortly after visiting Luxor.

At the time, a frenzied Press blamed the ‘Curse of Tutankhamun’ for the deaths and speculated on the supernatural powers of the ancient Egyptians.

But Mr Beynon has now drawn on previously unpublished evidence to conclude the deaths were all ritualistic killings masterminded by Crowley, an occultist dubbed “the wickedest man in the world”.’

Nov 9

'Ayahuasca Hallucinations & Perception

Stephen Beyer, Ph.D., relates ayahuasca hallucinations to recent research in cognitive neuropsychiatry, especially with regard to source monitoring, Charles Bonnet hallucinations, and gap-filling; and explores the relationship between ayahuasca hallucinations and other visionary experiences-lucid dreams, DMT journeys, out-of-body experiences, false awakenings, waking dreams, apparitions, eidetic visualization, and active imagination, all characterized by a greater or lesser degree of presentness, detail, externality, and three-dimensional explorable spacefulness.

This video is from Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century, a conference taking in place in San Jose, California on April 15-18, 2010. The conference was organized by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) in collaboration with the Heffter Research Institute, the Council on Spiritual Practices, and the Beckley Foundation.’

Water Fluoridation War: Government Admits Dangers, Experts Speak Out

'It was only a few years ago that if you labeled fluoride as a dangerous substance, you would be laughed at and scorned. For years, a select minority of individuals were the only ones raising the awareness of this health concern. Their cries have been and continue to be met with dissonance, despite the fact that the public’s opinion on fluoride has changed much in just a short time.

In fact, even the United States government has called for lower levels of water fluoridation following a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, which found that increased fluoride consumption led to decreased IQ in children.

Communities are attempting to end water fluoridation, mainstream news is acknowledging its negative effects, and even a number of professional dentists have recognized the dangers of fluoride, and spoken out against its use and distribution. Most recently, the Palmer City Council of Alaska passed an ordinance repealing the town’s water fluoridation mandate.

Sodium fluoride, the voyage from rat poison to toothpaste’

Athens Clashes LIVE: RT at Greece massive protest showdown (by RussiaToday)

'In the streets of Greece, arguably the biggest protest in years is now descending into violence. People are venting their anger against a new package of austerity measures the country is likley to adopt as soon as Thursday.'