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Aug 2

Kony 2012-Style PR Stunt To Sell War On Syria

'A mercenary who was previously embedded with U.S. troops and also fought with Libyan rebels is set to produce a documentary film in an effort to propagandize for the invasion of Syria, drawing his inspiration from Kony 2012, the infamous “viral” video that drew widespread criticism for its role in using manipulative techniques to grease the skids for U.S. military intervention in Africa.

33-year-old American Matthew VanDyke is a film maker and war correspondent who was embedded with the U.S. Military in Iraq. In 2011, VanDyke traveled to Libya to fight with NATO-backed rebels, many of whom were members of LIFG, an Al-Qaeda offshoot responsible for killing U.S. troops in Iraq.

VanDyke was subsequently imprisoned by the Libyan regime for nearly six months but managed to escape and aid rebels in overthrowing Colonel Gaddafi and turning Libya, once the richest country in Africa, into a chaotic NATO puppet state run by “out of control” sectarian thugs who have imprisoned, tortured and killed thousands of black Libyans. Despite his direct aid and support for the LIFG, a group listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, VanDyke faced no legal retribution from the U.S. government.’

Chatham Praise Kony 2012 Propaganda


Chatham House, the UK’s sister organization to the globalist Council on Foreign Relations in America, has unsurprisingly praised the Kony 2012 propaganda video for how it successfully targeted young people and helped push policy changes by Western Governments.

One speaker, Anneke Van Woudenberg of Human Rights Watch told the invitation-only group that “the method by which Kony 2012 was produced was successful and can be regarded as a watershed moment for advocacy.” She said it was “very 21st century, which appealed to a younger generation.”

Although the NGO chief explained that stopping Kony is more complex than the video suggested, she clearly advocates international interference. “Very soon after Congress introduced two resolutions identifying the need for the US government to play its part,” said Woudenberg. “It requires dedication by policy makers to ensure that this momentum remains continual.”

Louise Arimatsu, Chatham House member for the African division discussed the power of social media in promoting the video. Bizarrely she said “…although in the case of Kony 2012, [social media] raised awareness,” she cited the Arab Spring as a negative example of social media, stating “…in some cases it can be used as a powerful force to mobilise people. The Arab Spring was used as an example to illustrate this dangerous aspect.” (Thankfully the NGOs had a hand in it from the start then huh?)

Arimatsu also praised international interference. “Firstly, there have been military operations happening at all levels – regional, international and between states. Secondly, there has been a program in place to facilitate defections of fighting that have been part of rebel groups. This process of reintegration is absolutely crucial. Thirdly, there have been significant efforts at international level in terms of international criminal prosecution at the [International Criminal Court],” a court the war criminals in the Untied States refuse to sign up to.

Although speaker Mareike Schomerus did state the obvious that “the Kony 2012 was thought to be dishonest and played on hidden agendas,” he concluded that it was only the approach taken that was debatable, not the concept of intervention itself.’

Apr 5

School Children Forced to Participate in Kony 2012 Activism

'An reader from Colorado writes to tell us the Cherry Creek Public School district in western Arapahoe County is forcing students to watch Kony 2012. According to the father of a student attending school in the district, students were instructed to write “a letter to Senator Mark Udall in support of Invisible Children’s effort to capture Joseph Kony.”

“This is incredibly disturbing that this assignment’s goal was to force students into some level of political activism in support of a potentially violent conflict (war). Schools are not to be utilized for any activist purposes or those viewpoints forced upon the students outside of the will of the parents,” the father writes.’

Immortal Technique Talks Kony 2012, Trayvon, Illuminati, Aliens, End Of World w/ TRUTHISSCARY.COM (by TruthisScaryTV)

'TIS catches up with rapper & activist Immortal Technique as he talks about humans being distracted, the killing of Trayvon Martin, Kony 2012, an end of the world scenario, aliens, and digs deep into the Illuminati. Plus more!’

Goodbye My Kony Island Baby: March 13, 2012, WideShut Webcast (by wideshutuk)

' - This week Keelan discusses the frenzy surrounding Kony 2012, and the possible imperialist agendas behind it.

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Has Obama Just Kicked Off Another Oil War — This Time in Africa?:’

Lawmakers Push For US Invasion Of Africa Following Kony 2012 Fraud

'Two House lawmakers have introduced a resolution that seeks to deepen US Military involvement in Africa on the back of the Kony 2012 hoax, despite the fact that Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army have been virtually inactive for six years.

“The resolution, introduced by Reps. Jim McGovern, D-Mass. and Ed Royce, R-Calif., calls for, among other things, expanding the number of regional forces in Africa to protect civilians and placing restrictions on individuals or governments found to be supporting Kony,” reports CBS News.

As we have seen from US involvement in Libya and its attempts to destabilize Syria, the “humanitarian” justification is merely an excuse for expanding US hegemony into Africa where China has aggressively staked its claim.’

KONY 2012: State Propaganda for a New Generation

'The overnight viral sensation KONY 2012 brought worldwide awareness to the African war criminal Joseph Kony. Beneath this commendable cause, lies however an elaborate agenda that is presented in the video in a very manipulative way. We’ll look at the agenda behind KONY 2012 and how it uses reverse psychology to not only justify a military operation in Africa, but to actually have people demand it.

KONY 2012 is a viral sensation that swept the entire world in less than 24 hours. Its main subject is the African rebel leader Joseph Kony, his war crimes and the clearly defined “movement” to stop him.  Countless celebrities have endorsed the movement, news sources have reported it and social media is buzzing with it. While the problem of guerrilla warfare and child soldiers has plagued Africa for decades, and several documentaries have already been produced regarding the issue, this particular 29-minute video made managed to obtain mass exposure and support.

KONY 2012 is less of a documentary than it is a highly efficient infomercial that is tailor-made for the Facebook generation, using state-of-the-art marketing techniques to make its point. Young people like “underground movements” and want to feel like they are changing the world. KONY 2012 taps into these needs to bring about something that is not “hip” or “underground” at all: A military operation in Uganda. Not only that, it urges the participants of the movement to order stuff, to wear bracelets that are associated with an online profile and to record their actions in social media. This makes KONY 2012 the first artificially created movement that is fully track-able, monitor-able and quantifiable by those who engendered it. In other words, what appears to be a movement “from the people” is actually a new way for the elite to advance its agenda.’

KONY 2012 SCAM… Bankers Outsmarted by Millions of Young Activists? (by davidchilderley)

Kony 2012: US state department – we have no intention of leaving Uganda

'On Wednesday, Angelo Izama, an award-winning Ugandan journalist who specializes in security issues in central Africa, said the US is running a “multi-country intervention with a small number of troops” with a mission that isn't entirely humanitarian in nature.

Izama argues that there’s a key natural resource component to the Uganda story that the Kony 2012 campaign has failed to address: in 2009, significant oil deposits were discovered near Uganda’s border with DR Congo.’

Forget Kony, Ugandans Are Being Slaughtered By Their Own Western-Backed Government

'While the political left and an army of Hollywood trendies are clamoring for a U.S. Military invasion of Uganda to capture Joseph Kony, a man who has not even been in the country for six years, Ugandan authorities, backed by the World Bank and British carbon trading companies, are slaughtering Ugandan villagers and stealing their land in a brutal new form of neo-colonialism that has gone largely unnoticed.

Forget Kony, Ugandans Are Being Slaughtered By Their Own Western Backed Government    Bildschirmfoto 2012 03 07 um 12.13

Following the release of Kony 2012, a film made by a shadowy charity with links to USAID, the Tweetosphere exploded with a deluge of leftist politicos and clueless celebrities jumping on the bandwagon to call for Barack Obama to launch yet another act of “humanitarian” bloodletting to go after Kony, leader the of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRC).

In their haste to appear trendy and in vogue with a viral trend that was all over the social networks like a bad rash within the space of 24 hours, those advocating an increased military intervention on top of the 100 US troops already sent into Uganda last year, most notably habitual “humanitarian” warmonger Angelina Jolie, didn’t concern themselves with the facts.

The propaganda campaign that has put Joseph Kony on a par with Osama Bin Laden and Hitler is a crude hoax to legitimize the US military-industrial complex’s agenda to re-colonize Africa under Africom.’

Obama’s KONY 2012 Campaign: “Propaganda on Parade” 1/5 (by TheAlexJonesChannel)

'On the Sunday, March 11 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about the establishment's latest propaganda effort — Kony 2012 — as it takes its bankster and war machine into Africa. Alex calls for the arrest of Hollywood darling Angelina Jolie, the CFR “ambassador” who has enthusiastically provided her services as part of a cynical propaganda cover for the next phase of globalist war crimes. He also runs down the latest developments in the effort to hold Obama responsible for High Crimes and Misdemeanors and the latest on the simmering Iran attack. Alex also covers the economy as Obama and the establishment cheerfully claim we are now out of the woods.!/RealAlexJones

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[United States Africa Command ]

Mar 9

Kony 2012 and children in Africa are novelties to Americans (by TheResistance)

'Be cool and trendy and post something to support Kony 2012 when you know you don't really care and won't do anything to actually help. It takes a little bit more than to click a “like” button or sending out a tweet to stop a dictator.'

Mar 8

Interesting conversation I had with an Invisible Children insider. Too interesting not to post.

The 'Kony 2012' Delusion

KONY 2012

'The people behind this campaign are MASSIVELY misguided. Or it’s a CIA-sponsored psy-ops.

Take for example the fact that one of the 12 ‘policy makers’ (US politicians) that they are targeting to help them ensure Kony is arrested is George ‘Dubya’ Bush. The puppet president who presided over the murder of 1.5 million Iraqi civilians. And we’re all meant to believe that people like him are going to care about the plight of Ugandan children? Kony is Bush’s ideological brother for god’s sake.

Other than their complete ignorance of the fact that the US political elite is populated by the world’s worst war criminals, the makers of this video are also massively ignorant of the truth about WHY Uganda, and many other African nations, are subjected to the brutal excesses of war lords and have been for so many decades.

To cut a very long and complex story short, people like Joseph Kony (who, by the way, is no longer a real threat to the people of Uganda) and so many other African tin-pot dictators are the product of long-term US (CIA), British, Israeli and French interference in African nations.

Joseph Kony leads the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). In 2010, the LRA crossed into Darfur in Sudan and since then have been enjoying the protection of the Sudanese military, and Sudan’s notorious president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who has been a longtime LRA patron. al-Bashir  is accused by the International Criminal Court of war crimes and genocide in Darfur. It should come as no surprise then that the CIA has long-standing and close ties with al-Bashir and Sudanese intelligence services.

So there you have it. The principal financier and protector of the Joseph Kony and the LRA is a genocidal dictator who is supported by the US government via the CIA. That’s just one degree of separation between the CIA and the LRA. Yet the ‘Kony 2012′ people believe they can lobby the US government to do something about Kony and the LRA!

The aim of the US (and other) governments has always been to destabilize African nations in order place into power any individual that would be amenable to the theft by US corporations of the resources of African nations. This destabilization process, which includes the massive and repeated provision of weapons to the war lords and thugs, inevitably leads to the killing and maiming of thousands of civilians. And it continues to this day.

Elliot Ross of the  Africa is a country blog sums up the problem with ‘Kony 2012′:

“To ask people to climb down from the soaring heights of “Kony 2012”, a place where they get to feel both sanctified and superior, and truly descend into the mire of history and confusion is simply too big a task. It would be boring and difficult and it would not be about Facebook or Angelina Jolie or coloured wristbands or me. When the euphoria evaporates and the Twittersphere has dried its tears (probably by the end of this week), all that remains will be yet another powerful myth of African degradation.”

In short, forget about ‘Kony 2012′. If you really want to make this world a better place, let’s start ‘Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama etc., 2012′. Let’s make them famous for their massive war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, for the murder of up to 2 million Iraqi and Afghan civilians, and for the the children who continue, to this day, to be blown to pieces by US soldiers and US ‘drone’ aircraft under the Imperial war of aggression known as the ‘war on terror’.’