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Operation Pillar of Death: Naming Gaza’s Dead - a film by Harry Fear for (by harryfear)

'Names, not numbers: a film commemorating the Palestinians killed by Israel's Operation Pillar of Cloud, by Harry Fear - - ©

Dedicated to the families of those martyred in Gaza.

Since production: another Gazan has died from their injuries.’

Israel’s War on Truth | Brainwash Update (by breakingtheset)

'Abby Martin highlights the Israeli Military's bombing of media buildings and targeting of journalists, including the RT office in Gaza, and calls out the Israeli government to for making veiled threats to RT's headquarters in Moscow.'

Why Gaza?

'The Israeli assault on Gaza was triggered Nov. 8 when the IDF crossed the border and murdered Ahmed Younis Khader Abu Daqqa, a 13-year-old boy playing football in his front yard: the official explanation for this action was an alleged weapons cache, supposedly stored nearby, but no credible evidence supporting this contention has come to light. In retaliation, Hamas launched a — generally ineffective — counterattack, and the conflict escalated.

However, there had been rumblings for months of the oncoming Israeli assault, and this incident was merely a pretext: the real reason is that the Israelis were deathly afraid, not of Hamas’s pathetic attempts to make a dent in “Iron Dome,” but of the prospects for a general ceasefire, albeit not a settlement of the outstanding issues, which was in the works well before Netanyahu unleashed the latest blitzkrieg.

According to Gershon Baskin, initiator and negotiator of the secret back channel for the release of Gilad Shalit, Ahmed al-Jabari, leader of the military wing of Hamas, was ready for a peace deal — which was in the works in the days before Jabari was assassinated in a targeted Israeli strike:

My indirect dealings with Mr. Jabari were handled through my Hamas counterpart, Ghazi Hamad, the deputy foreign minister of Hamas, who had received Mr. Jabari’s authorization to deal directly with me….

Passing messages between the two sides, I was able to learn firsthand that Mr. Jabari wasn’t just interested in a long-term cease-fire; he was also the person responsible for enforcing previous cease-fire understandings brokered by the Egyptian intelligence agency. Mr. Jabari enforced those cease-fires only after confirming that Israel was prepared to stop its attacks on Gaza. On the morning that he was killed, Mr. Jabari received a draft proposal for an extended cease-fire with Israel, including mechanisms that would verify intentions and ensure compliance. This draft was agreed upon by me and Hamas’s deputy foreign minister, Mr. Hamad, when we met last week in Egypt.”

This nails it: it shows why Israel escalated a series of routine border incidents into a major conflict: Hamas was ready to negotiate. Jabari was going to drop a gigantic “peace bomb” on Tel Aviv, and Netanyahu and his cabinet launched a preemptive strike to make sure it never hit its target. The last thing they wanted was peace breaking out in spite of their systematic provocations.

Hamas is useful to Netanyahu and his coalition partner, wannabe ethnic cleanser Avigdor Lieberman: or, at least, the version of Hamas they have successfully sold to the West. The hasbara brigade in the American media regularly portrays the Palestinian resistance group as inherently and intransigently opposed to Israel’s very existence, pointing to its charter — which calls for the destruction of the Jewish state — and posits from this the utter impossibility of negotiations or even coexistence.

Yet Jabari’s peace feelers belie this simplistic nonsense and show that Hamas, like every other political entity on earth, is concerned first and foremost with maintaining its own grip on power. In order to do that, Hamas has to actually govern: that is, provide the inmates inhabitants of Gaza with the basic prerequisites of civilized life, i.e., access to food, shelter, and protection from harm. Under the conditions of the Israeli blockade, however, fulfilling these basic needs has been increasingly impossible.

As Melissa Harris Perry pointed out on her show Sunday morning, Hamas faces competing political currents inside Gaza: Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees, who are more than ready to take the helm if and when Hamas fails to protect and care for its constituency. Faced with the IDF’s overwhelming military superiority, Jabari and the moderate faction of Hamas entered into back channel negotiations, brokered by the Egyptians, and were about to go public with a peace proposal.

That’s when the Israelis took him out. The timing of this is undeniable, and hardly coincidental. Netanyahu offed Jabari because peace is not in his political interests: he and his party, Likud, thrive on war, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s electoral prospects are almost entirely dependent on the continuation of the state of emergency that exists in Israel during wartime. Jabari was about to pull the rug out from under Netanyahu, and therefore he had to go.’


It’s Palestinians who have the right to defend themselves

Egypt Foreign Minister Amr hospital iGaza City

'The way western politicians and media have pontificated about Israel's onslaught on Gaza, you'd think it was facing an unprovoked attack from a well-armed foreign power. Israel had every “right to defend itself”, Barack Obama declared. “No country on earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.”

He was echoed by Britain’s foreign secretary, William Hague, who declared that the Palestinian Islamists of Hamas bore “principal responsibility” for Israel’s bombardment of the open-air prison that is the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, most western media have echoed Israel’s claim that its assault is in retaliation for Hamas rocket attacks; the BBC speaks wearisomely of a conflict of “ancient hatreds”.

In fact, an examination of the sequence of events over the last month shows that Israel played the decisive role in the military escalation: from its attack on a Khartoum arms factory reportedly supplying arms to Hamas and the killing of 15 Palestinian fighters in late October, to the shooting of a mentally disabled Palestinian in early November, the killing of a 13 year-old in an Israeli incursion and, crucially, the assassination of the Hamas commander Ahmed Jabari last Wednesday during negotiations over a temporary truce.

Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, had plenty of motivation to unleash a new round of bloodletting. There was the imminence of Israeli elections (military attacks on the Palestinians are par for the course before Israeli polls); the need to test Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohamed Morsi, and pressure Hamas to bring other Palestinian guerrilla groups to heel; and the chance to destroy missile caches before any confrontation with Iran, and test Israel’s new Iron Dome anti-missile system.

So after six days of sustained assault by the world’s fourth largest military power on one of its most wretched and overcrowded territories, at least 130 Palestinians had been killed, an estimated half of them civilians, along with five Israelis. The goal, Israel’s interior minister, Eli Yeshai, insisted, had been to “send Gaza back to the middle ages”.’

(Source: Guardian)

الذي لا تراه عن غزة في الأعلام - What you don’t see in media about Gaza (by Mohammad Issa)

(via AFP Gaza office hit by Israeli strike, 3 Palestinian reporters killed in other attacks — RT)

'Israel struck media offices in Gaza twice on Tuesday and killed three Palestinian journalists. The IDF claimed the buildings, which included an AFP bureau, were being used by Hamas to direct military operations, and were legitimate targets.

Two Israeli strikes have left three Palestinian journalists dead, with media buildings targeted by the IDF two days in a row. The AFP building was hit in another attack later on, with no casualties reported.

Mahmoud al-Koumi and Husam Salameh, cameramen for the local al-Aqsa TV station, were killed in a car marked with a press sign near the al-Wihda towers in Gaza.

Both journalists were 30 years old and fathers of four children. Two other al-Aqsa employees were wounded in the first strike.

The second attack killed the director of al-Quds Educational Radio, Muhammad Abu Aisha, in his car.

Then, the AFP building in Gaza was hit, with no casualties reported so far.

A series of massive explosions, followed by a massive blackout, were also reported near the Al Shorook building in Gaza, which houses several media outlets.

Later on, airstrikes targeted two hotels in Gaza where reporters covering the Israeli assault were staying. There were no reports of deaths, but Press TV correspondent Akram al-Sattari was injured. Hugh Naylor of The National newspaper told Ma’an news agency said the blasts blew out windows in the Deira and Beach hotels.

Meanwhile, the IDF posted on its Twitter that its air forces “surgically targeted a Hamas operations center on the 7th floor of a media building in Gaza”, with a “direct hit confirmed.” The IDF also tweeted a warning to all journalists to stay away from Hamas facilities within Gaza territory, claiming that the group will use them as human shields.

The al-Qassam Brigades have responded with a “Warning to Israelis: Stay away from Israeli #IDF = #IOF, We just targeting Israeli soldiers, fighter jets, tanks and bases.”’

Where are the calls from the ‘international community’ for a no-fly zone over Gaza?

'IT FEELS LIKEdéjà vu. Nearly four years after Operation Cast Lead, when the Israelis bombarded Gaza from the skies for three weeks, now the Israelis are again attacking the people of Gaza from the sea and air…and some Israeli sources say a land attack could ne imminent.

There is little doubt where the sympathies of the British government lie.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said today that “Hamas bears principal responsibility for the current crisis”, even as he urged all sides to ‘avoid any action which risks civilian casualties or escalates the crisis’.

Too late for that of course. Already more than two dozen Palestinians, including a baby and several children have died. Their deaths have received far less publicity than the three deaths of Israelis from rocket attacks.

The supine government supporters in the media echo the line that Israel has “to defend itself”. What a grotesque travesty of the truth. Israel is the recipient of more than $3bn dollars’ worth of US aid. It has the most sophisticated weapons in the Middle East, and is the only nuclear armed state in the region.

It has occupied Gaza and the west bank since 1967, and has encouraged illegal settlements of Jewish settlers. Palestinians are denied basic rights and are confined in a Gaza which increasingly resembles a large prison camp, its citizens subject to constant harassment and threat, denied resources and human rights.

The nature of the government is such that it quite cynically launches military attacks as elections approach. No wonder since it always manages to get away with just a caution, at worst, from the ‘international community’.

While David Cameron cries crocodile tears about Syrian refugees, whose camp he visited in Jordan last week, we can be sure he will not be so sympathetic to the Palestinians. There will be no calls for sanctions against Israel, no demands for the imposition of a no fly zone over the country and no arms embargo to prevent Netanyahu from buying weapons which are used to murder Palestinians.

The ‘humanitarian intervention’ which Britain and France are demanding in Syria is not going to happen in Gaza. Instead, all the Western governments will to a greater or lesser extent back Israel, just as they did in 2008-9.

This is in marked contrast to many views in the Middle East, where Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi has condemned the air strikes, recalled the Egyptian ambassador from Israel and opened the Rafah crossing so that Gazans can get medical treatment. There are protests across the region at this latest attack.

The sympathy for the Syrian opposition which Cameron evokes may fool some people. But it is obvious that the same people demanding intervention there are those also supporting Israel in its attacks on the Palestinians.

The reason is simple: human life and security is way down the list when it comes to considering the interests of US, British and other western foreign policy. At the top of the list is strategic control and power in the region. This is why the West happily dealt with dictators for decades, why it wants regime change in countries not totally under its control such as Syria and Iran, and is at most prepared to gently rebuke the Israelis.

Israel is central to the US and its allies in the Middle East. Hence a staggering level of double standards, and the portrayal of Israel as victim, not aggressor.

The people of Gaza won unprecedented solidarity in 2008-9 worldwide, and will no doubt do so again. We should do everything to support them. But if we want peace and justice in the Middle East, we have to oppose intervention in Syria and Iran as well. It’s all part of the same pattern — and with the same deadly intent.’

(via PHOTO GALLERY: The human cost of 4 days of Israeli air raids in Gaza - Multimedia - Ahram Online)

(via PHOTO GALLERY: The human cost of 4 days of Israeli air raids in Gaza - Multimedia - Ahram Online)

Iraqi Jews reject ‘cynical manipulation’ of their history by Israel, Zionists


’”It is far from the first instance of tampering with, exploiting, and deleting our history, but it is the straw that broke the camel’s back, and so … we formed the Committee of Baghdadi Jews in Ramat-Gan.”

This is how writer, poet and activist Almog Behar described a decision by a group of Jews from Arab and Kurdish backgrounds to speak out forcefully against renewed Israeli government propaganda efforts to counter Palestinian refugee rights by using the claims of Jews who left Arab countries for Israel in the 1950s.

Israeli diplomats, Haaretz reported last week, “have been instructed to raise the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries at every relevant forum. This is part of a new international campaign to create parity between the plight of Jewish and Palestinian refugees, Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon announced on Monday.”

The way the Israeli establishment uses our history from the 1950s, is not in order to give us our rights back, but in order to get rid of the rights of the Palestinians, and avoiding a peace agreement with them,” Behar wrote to The Electronic Intifada.’

Defence Minister: Clegg axed me because I won’t support attack on Iran

'A Liberal Democrat Defence Minister has claimed he was sacked to avoid a damaging Coalition split over a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

Former Armed Forces Minister Sir Nick Harvey told friends that he  was fired in the reshuffle to allow Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg  to sign Britain up to an Israeli-US preventive strike to take out Iran’s nuclear installations.

Friends of Sir Nick – who was handed a knighthood just days later – say that he could have embarrassed the Lib Dem leader by being too critical of Israel’s actions if he had still been in the key Ministry of Defence post.’

(Source: Daily Mail)

Israeli Sponsored Film Sparks False Flag Attack and Manufactured Islamic Threat in Libya

'The US ambassador to Libya, John Christopher Stevens, and three embassy staff employees were killed in a bombing of the Benghazi consulate. Based on alleged outrage concerning a Zionist-sponsored film, Islamic gunmen stormed the embassy and set fire to the consulate.

US officials are asserting that Stevens and three others who died in the embassy bombing were the victims of a planned attack with the use of al-Qaeda, the CIA-controlled terrorist group. Rumors about the bombing being retaliatory against the death of a Libyan member of al-Qaeda are a cover-story.

House Representative Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee stated that there is evidence that this was a “well-armed, well-coordinated event. It had both indirect and direct fire, and it had military maneuvers that were all part of this very organized attack.”

Al-Qaeda has been used by the US to create many disturbances, fake revolutions and false flag attacks. The latest is the recruitment, training and assembly of the Free Syrian Army which are coordinated on CIA-controlled bases in Turkey, and sent over the Syrian border to be monitored by al-Qaeda for the benefit of the US government.’


State Terror - Official Israeli Policy

'Israeli state terror targets Palestinians ruthlessly. Incidents include crimes of war, against humanity and genocide, land theft, institutionalized racism, oppression, intimidation, militarized occupation, and contempt for all rule of law principles and democratic values.

Political prisoner Ahmad Saadat is right saying “Zionist war criminals are the ones who must be prosecuted.” More on his day in court below.

He’s General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and a recognized and admired national leader. In 2002, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for a range of “security related” political offenses.’


Sep 5

Shoot to Kill: Autonomous Robots Developed By DARPA Will Not Question Orders

'Drones for law enforcement are being developed with the creation of the Talon SWAT/MP that can be configured with a multitude of weaponry. Some include a multi-shot TASER, LRAD, 40mm grenade launcher, and a 12-gage shotgun.

An earlier version of Talon, developed for the Israeli Defense Forces and the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s Directorate of Defense, was of the VIPeR series that were equipped with a 9 mm mini-Uzi with scope and pointer, or grenade launcher.’


Aug 2

Israeli Checkpoints: Deathtraps for Palestinians

'Another crime was added yesterday to the extensive list of Israeli occupation forces’ acts of aggression against Palestinians. The occupation does not care for the sanctity of Ramadan or even Palestinian life. Yesterday, its soldiers killed a Palestinian worker in cold blood.

Akram Badih Badr’s sole concern was getting to his place of work so he could earn a wage and buy food for his children and return home before sundown. This time, his return was blood-soaked.

On the al-Zaim checkpoint east of occupied Jerusalem, Israeli occupation forces killed Badr and injured two others, one of them critically. The soldiers opened fire on a car carrying workers on their way to Jerusalem.’

Declassified FBI documents implicate PM Netanyahu in a 1970s plot to use U.S. technology for Israel’s nuclear program.

Binyamin Netanyahu

'Declassified FBI documents from a 1985-2002 investigation implicate Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in an initiative to illegally purchase United States nuclear technology for Israel’s nuclear program.

Netanyahu was allegedly helped by Arnon Milchan, a Hollywood producer with ties to Israeli prime ministers and U.S. presidents. Milchan’s involvement in Israeli intelligence and arms dealing has been the subject of reports for some time, and was described in an unofficial biography published last year.

The documents rely on testimony from Richard Kelly Smith, a U.S. citizen charged with illegally selling Krypton triggers to Israel and Taiwan. Smith was the president of a company called Milco that worked for NASA; he allegedly sold to the Israeli Defense Ministry through the Hailey company, which was owned by Milchan.

The sale of nuclear technology to Israel is illegal under U.S. law because Israel is not a signatory of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.’