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George Galloway | The State of Britain | Oxford Union (by OxfordUnion)

'He outlines that his talk will be about Britain rather than the rest of the world. During the Second World War Winston Churchill was invited by his own foreign secretary, Lord Halifax to make peace with Hitler, a surrender peace with Hitler. Churchill said he would rather everyone be choking on their own blood than to have Great Britain surrender to the Nazi's. If Britain had been invaded and Churchill escaped death then he would have retreated to the hills to organise the British resistance. He makes this point as there are so many people in Britain that don't understand that any people who have had their homeland invaded and occupied by others feels exactly the same.

He speaks of his past mentioning that he nearly came to blows with Tony Blair in the corridors of Oxford University, saying that if he invaded Iraq the fall of Baghdad wouldn’t be the beginning of the end but would be the end of the beginning.

He goes on to say that the United Kingdom could be no more as of September 2014 because of Scotland’s hatred for the Tory rule of the UK. He says the Labour party and Tory parties are like two cheeks of the same backside, so close together they don’t differ in opinion on any of the big issues such as immigration, benefits, the economy.

Moving on if you are caught pickpocketing in London you go to prison but bankers who squander millions of pounds damaging the British economy remain unpunished. Some sources around Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, suggest that there are still £100Billion avoided and evaded in income tax every year from the biggest earners and corporations in Britain. If we got that tax there would be no deficit, no need for cuts or tuition fees or a times of austerity.

He tells of how his phone was hacked and how the press in this country are rotten to the core for hacking the phone of Minnie Dowler, a girl who messages were still being answered long after she was dead giving her parents false hope.

Our leaders make us a hated nation; the people don’t believe anything politicians say anymore due to countless broken promises. George Galloway concludes by saying we should open our eyes to the state of our nation and to reject the state of mediocrity that British politics has become.
Filmed on Monday 14th October 2013.’

A roll call of corporate rogues who are milking the country

Starbucks TUC protest Oxford Street
”Only the little people pay taxes,” the late American corporate tax evader Leona Helmsley famously declared. That’s certainly the spirit of David Cameron and George Osborne’s Britain. Five years into the crisis, the British economy has just edged out of its third downturn, but construction is still reeling from government cuts and most people’s living standards are falling.

Those at the sharp end are being hit hardest: from cuts to disability and housing benefits, tax credits and the educational maintenance allowance and now increases in council tax while NHS waiting lists are lengthening, food banks are mushrooming across the country and charities report sharp increases in the number of children going hungry. All this to pay for the collapse in corporate investment and tax revenues triggered by the greatest crash since the 30s.

At the other end of the spectrum though, things are going swimmingly. The richest 1,000 people in Britain have seen their wealth increase by £155bn since the crisis began – more than enough to pay off the whole government deficit of £119bn at a stroke. Anyone earning over £1m a year can look forward to a £42,000 tax cut in the spring, while firms have been rewarded with a 2% cut in corporation tax to 24%.

Not that many of them pay anything like that, even now. The scale of tax avoidance by high-street brand multinationals has now become clear, in no small part thanks to campaigning groups such as UK Uncut. Asda, Google, Apple, eBay, Ikea, Starbucks, Vodafone: all pay minimal tax on massive UK revenues, mostly by diverting profits earned in Britain to their parent companies, or lower tax jurisdictions via royalty and service payments or transfer pricing.’

Theresa May strips British passport from Muslim care worker who refused to join MI5 and may now be in African prison

'A British citizen whose family believe he is being tortured by American secret agents has suddenly had all his rights as a UK national removed by the Home Secretary.

Mahdi Hashi – who MI5 once tried to recruit as a spy – has been deprived of his British passport, denied access to consular assistance and may never return to Britain. He is thought to be being held in an African prison.

Mohamed and Kaltun Hashi, the parents of the 23-year-old care worker from Camden, North London, became concerned for his safety after being tipped off that in the summer he had been taken to a prison in the African state of Djibouti while visiting neighbouring Somalia.

Theresa May has stripped the British passport from a Muslim who refused to spy for MI5
Mahdi Hashi is beleived to be held at a US camp in Djibouti

'Prisoner: Mahdi Hashi is believed to be held at a US camp in Djibouti after he had his rights as a UK national removed by the Home Secretary Theresa May'

The information was passed on by another prisoner who said Mr Hashi claimed he had been ‘mistreated’ and was being interrogated by men working for America.

The Mail on Sunday has established that while Mr Hashi was out of Britain, Home Secretary Theresa May used a little-known power – which does not require a court order – to deprive him of all his rights as a British national.’

(Source: Daily Mail)

Documentary: Collusion (by PressTV documentaries)

'This program examines the allegations that the British intelligence, army and local police colluded with terrorist groups in Northern Ireland during three decades of conflicts from the late 1960s.'

Sep 5

See no evil: London gives Mubarak cronies free pass on ‘stolen billions’ held in UK

'The UK has failed to freeze millions in assets belonging to key figures in the regime of former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. Investigative journalist Tony Gosling says the growing scandal shows the true face of British foreign policy.

From £10 million luxury homes in posh London neighborhoods to businesses registered to members of Mubarak’s inner circle despite their inclusion in a British Treasury sanctions list, the six-month investigation, led by the BBC, has shown systemic failures by the UK government to seize stolen fortunes stashed in the UK.

While some $135 million worth of assets belonging to Mubarak, his immediate family, and over a dozen other Egyptians have now been frozen in the UK, publicly-accessible records from the Companies House and Land Registry show that regime figures who embezzled billions from Egypt before Mubarak’s ouster 18 months ago have parked unspecified fortunes in Britain without intervention by the country’s authorities.

The UK is one of the worst countries when it comes to tracing and freezing Egyptian assets,” Egypt’s new Legal Affairs Minister Mohamed Mahsoub said.’


Riot murder trial judge ordered BBC not to broadcast documentaries

Rioting in London

'A judge prevented the BBC from broadcasting two documentaries about last summer's riots without having watched the films – and later prevented the media from reporting his injunction.

Mr Justice Flaux, who was presiding over the murder trial of eight men who were acquitted at Birmingham crown court on Thursday, made the injunction on the grounds that the film raised issues which “echoed” arguments put before his jury.

He used an unusual power under section 45 of the Senior Courts Act 1981, which in some circumstances grants crown court judges the same powers as those used by the high court, to prevent the film from being broadcast.’

Banned in the UK! BBC fights for right to air riot docudrama

British riot police arrive in front of a burning building in Croydon, South London on August 8, 2011. Now in it's third night of unrest, London has seen sporadic outbreaks of looting and clashes both north and south of the river Thames. Numerous buildings were set on fire in Croydon including a 140 year old furniture store as hundreds of looters plundered high street shops of their goods. (AFP Photo/Carl de Souza)

'The BBC is considering making an appeal against a court order which stopped it from broadcasting a dramatized film on last year’s riots in London.

The film, which features actors portraying anonymous rioters sharing their experience of the events, was due to be broadcast on Monday evening, but was banned by a court order hours before hitting the airwaves

Its script was written by award-winning playwright Alecky Blythe and is based on interviews from some 270 people conducted by the Guardian and London School of Economics as part of a study into the massive public disorder.

The first installment of The Riots: In their own Words focuses on rioters, while the second film of the two-part series shares the impressions of police officers on duty at the time.

Both were banned from being broadcast by a court ruling, which BBC lawyers now plan to appeal against, reports the Guardian. The newspaper says for legal reasons it cannot report the name of the judge who made the controversial ruling, the court in which it was done or the case he was presiding over.

Little detail was disclosed on the content of the ruling itself. The British newspaper cites it as saying: “It is ordered that the BBC programme ‘The Riots: In their Own Words’ due for broadcast on BBC 2 tonight is not broadcast by any media by any means until further order.”

The ruling also ordered the BBC to remove a clip promoting the film from its website, which the broadcaster did. The clip, previously available on a blog posted last Friday, featured a BBC producer saying that the "important and illuminating" interviews in the drama would provide insight into "why and how the riots had happened".

After the court ruling arrived the BBC said it would put the program out at a later date. The film was part of the company’s package prepared for the coverage of the one year anniversary of the August 2011 riots in Britain.

What started as peaceful protest in Tottenham erupted into five nights of violence, looting and a subsequent police crackdown. Five people were killed and more than 2,500 shops and businesses damaged. Over a thousand people received jail for their part in the disorder.’

US Prepping Air Attacks On Syria While British Forces Cross Border

'Independent Israeli-based intelligence outlet DEBKAfile are reporting that the US Air Force and Navy are quietly preparing for a “limited air offensive” and a series of no-fly zones against Syria, while their Gulf military sources have confirmed the presence of British special forces across the Turkish border. The Western powers continue to flagrantly ignore international norms and laws while pursing their secret proxy war against Syria, protected only by the appallingly one sided mainstream media.

According to the report the purpose of the US strategy is not to launch an overt attack on Assad (a disastrous PR move), but to quietly turn up the pressure so that high ranking army officers switch sides and hand over their leader without conflict; thus painting the picture that Syrians are the ones deciding their own fate. It’s thought that this tactic is only possible because of Russia’s recent acknowledgment that they’d support “the departure of President Bashar al-Assad if Syrians agreed to it.”[1] So it would seem that the US want to covertly help along this Syrian agreement. This is not to say that Russia are naive to the detail of the proxy war, but on the international stage, the media portrayal is everything. As long as it appears that it was just a Syrian affair, and the US deny any involvement, then as far as the world is concerned that’s the truth.

Meanwhile the involvement of British Special Forces has reportedly increased beyond the role of managing supply lines on the Turkey/Syria border. According to the report, Gulf military sources confirmed the presence of British special forces in Syria itself, something long speculated, while unconfirmed reports from British, French and Turkish sources claim they have advanced up to 10 kilometers inside the country. DEBKAfile suggest this is part of a strategy to secure a stepping stone of safe zones further and further in to Syria in order to facilitate a more efficient route for mercenaries and foreign arms.

As noted by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, since at least January [2]: “Unmarked NATO warplanes [have been] arriving at Turkish military bases close to Iskenderum on the Syrian border, delivering weapons from the late Muammar Gaddafi’s arsenals as well as volunteers from the Libyan Transitional National Council who are experienced in pitting local volunteers against trained soldiers, a skill they acquired confronting Gaddafi’s army.”

A rare admission by US officials (albeit as a limited hangout to deny any wrongdoing) came in the New York Times last week. They reported that “A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government.” The ridiculous claim being that they’re trying to prevent Al Qaeda from getting the weapons.

The brazen immorality here is two-fold. Firstly what is the CIA doing helping arm the Syrian rebels in the first place? The US congress has not declared any war, the UN has not passed any resolution, and the implication of physically supporting one side of the civil war means they’re advocating the murder of innocent pro-Assad civilians. Regardless of what the BBC or CNN imply, hundreds of thousands of Syrian citizens, if not far far more support the Syrian government [3].

Secondly if the US acknowledge that Al Qaeda are among the ranks of the rebels it makes the whole conflict a lot more complicated than they portray to the masses. Assad has always maintained that early violence was instigated by terrorists. If that’s the case, the West is now supporting the terrorist side of the conflict (regardless of whether they claim to be vetting weapon deployments). Where exactly does that leave the decade long war on terror? What happens when the Assad regime is overthrown, do Al Qaeda just disappear? If the ordinary Syrian opposition wanted freedom and democracy, they’re not going to get it with religious fundamentalists in their ranks. Take a look at liberated Lybia, now ruled under Sharia law by Al Qaeda linked militants [4].

Of course lets stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, the Western powers are aware of all this. It’s their modus-operandi. Since the late 70s the CIA and British Intelligence have been playing Al Qaeda like chess pieces in conflicts all around the world. Their support for the fundamentalists in the Soviet/Afghan war gave birth to Al Qaeda. They continued to support the extremists during the 90s conflict in the Balkans [5]. NATO were working with Al Qaeda linked rebels to overthrow Gaddafi in Lybia. Syria is just the next victim of a long line of proxy wars, where the West has used Al Qaeda as pawns. Perhaps the ultimate goal once again is to stir up a hornets nest with Russia.’

British people to say ‘No to Nato’

'British anti-war activists are to rally outside the US embassy in London on Saturday 19 May to express their anger at the warmongering policies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

The rally is to be held one day before US President Barack Obama hosts the 25th summit of NATO in Chicago on the 20th and 21st of May. The organizer of the protests is the anti-war campaign Stop the War Coalition. Moreover, the United National Antiwar Coalition in the US is to organize major protests in Chicago.’

British Intel MI5 And MI6 Behind Underwear Bomb Plot

'British intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6 were ultimately behind this week's contrived underwear bomb plot, it has been alleged by sources spoken to by London's The Telegraph.

MI5 reportedly recruited a British passport holder of Saudi origin with the mission to infiltrate Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and gather intelligence which could be used to kill purported master bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri in a drone strike.

Once the double agent had been recruited, MI6 collaborated with Saudi intelligence and the asset was sent to Yemen, where he successfully infiltrated militants and walked away with the explosive device currently being analysed by the FBI in Virginia.’

May 4

US military-industrial giant KBR in bidding to privatize British police forces

'Giant US military-industrial company Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) is in the running to win a slice of a controversial £1.5 billion (US$2.43 billion) contract to transform the West Midlands and Surrey police forces in Britain, The (London) Times reported.

Hailed as the largest police privatization scheme in the UK, it has been suggested the private companies who win the contract will be tasked to perform several police functions — including patrols, detention and criminal investigation.

KBR, a former subsidiary of the Halliburton group, has attracted its share of criticism over the large contracts it won with the US government during the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The corporation also helped to build the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.’

British Petroleum engineer arrested over Gulf of Mexico oil spill

'US federal prosecutors brought the first criminal charges on Tuesday over the oil spill, accusing Kurt Mix of deleting over 300 text messages that showed the blown-out well was ejecting far more crude than the BP was telling the people at the time, the Associated Press reported.

More than two years after the drilling-rig explosion that ignited the worst offshore oil spill in the American history, the 50-year-old was arrested for destroying evidence in the disaster of Deepwater Horizon, a BP subsidiary that ran the rig, which killed eleven workers.’

Apr 7

Rothschilds to merge British and French banking operations to secure control

'(The reasons given for the move here are bullshit - whatever the Rothschild hierarchy tell you is bullshit and part of a grander design).

'The 200-year-old banks will be reunited under a single shareholding that will bring together the fortunes of the French and English sides of the renowned family as they attempt to safeguard the business against the effects of new regulation and the fallout from the global financial crisis.

Paris Orleans, the Rothschild Group’s Paris-based holding company, will convert into a French limited partnership, securing the families’ control of the bank against potential takeovers. The new partnership will then buy out minority investors in NM Rothschild & Sons, the UK business, as well as outstanding minority interests in the French operations.

David de Rothschild will become chairman of the partnership and said the new structure would help the bank “better meet the requirements of globalisation in general and in our competitive environment in particular, while ensuring my family’s control over the long term”.’

Feb 9

MI6 and British Troops Already In Syria - WideShut: Alternative News

'The extent of British involvement in the Syrian conflict has become clearer today after Israeli based independent intelligence group DEBKAfile, published a report claiming MI6 and British troops are already on the ground and assisting the armed rebel gangs that are escalating violence against civilians and authorities.

According to the report British operations units, along with Qatari allies, are stationed in the city of Homs just 162 kilometers from Damascus. While British troops are not engaged in direct combat with the Syrian forces, they manage rebel communications lines and relay their requests for arms, ammo, fighters and logistical aid to outside suppliers, mostly in Turkey.

As we’ve previously documented, unmarked airplanes belonging to NATO countries are landing at Turkish military bases close to the Syrian border and funneling weapons and mercenaries from the NATO backed Libyan Transitional Council, an extremist Islam regime with links to Al Qaeda that were put in to power after the bombing and covert ground campaign [1]. This DEBKAfile report further backs up former CIA officer Phil Giraldi who was first to make the claims. He also includes French forces as part of the operation, and suggests that CIA and US Spec Ops are providing communications equipment and intelligence to assist the rebels, enabling the fighters to avoid concentrations of Syrian soldiers.

Dr. Haytham Mannaa, spokesman for the Arab Commission for Human Rights told Lebanese TV that he was approached by a dual French/Syrian businessman who offered to arm the rebels [2], and reports across the mainstream media (including Israel itself) have noted that Israeli made arms have wound-up in rebel hands as well [3].

While Western leaders grandstand to the UN that we must intervene because of the bloodshed, and mainstream media lull over the possibility of arming and supporting the rebels, in reality it is the West, Israel and their allies that have been fomenting the violence for months and have ALREADY been arming the rebels. This latest news that troops and intelligence officers are on the ground makes it clear that this is just another imperialist invasion to further Western control over the Middle-East and to move the bulldozer closer to Iran and Russia.’

Detained for 12 hours over Tweet on Twitter (by MarkDice)

'A British couple was detained at gunpoint because of something they tweeted on Twitter and were then denied entry to America and sent home.'