GlaxoSmithKline fined over trials on the babies of Argentinian poor

GlaxoSmithKline fined over trials on poor babies

'The firm failed to get proper consent from the children’s parents before injecting Synflorix, one of its best-selling vaccines, according to a judge in Buenos Aires.

GSK was also criticised for keeping inadequate records of the children’s ages, medical histories and previous jabs.

Evidence from Argentina’s medical regulator said that, in a few cases, scientists working for GSK relied on permission from under-age parents or illiterate grandparents, The Times reported.

GSK and two of the scientists who led the trial have been fined a total of one million pesos (£150,000).

Jorge Yabkowsky, president of the Argentine Federation of Health Professionals, told The Times: “These are people who depend entirely on the state apparatus and who are most often illiterate.’